• Kapila; Her love for the mughal, rajputana, maharaja Ranjit Singh days of fashion and art are the inspiration to her work an her design style presents seemingly effortless breathtaking creations!

  • Label Ittar is an interesting confluence of inspiration, ethnicity and femininity. Each ensemble is designed to come alive on the wearer and compliment her feminine core.

  • The collection is a combination of Indian craftsmanship with a focus on textiles gathered from around the country for Indian wear with a contemporary twist.

  • TrueBrowns is an offering for the power women of today - elegant, simple and fun; who wants to embrace tradition through Indian ethnic wear but in her own style and language.

  • Rimi, the talented designer, has created a breathtaking collection! Her forte lies in the way she applies intricate hand embroideries on rich fabrics and the beautiful use of colours.

  • Every bag is a work of painstaking research and exquisite hand-craftsmanship using pure silk, crosshatch leather with pure handwork.

  • Re-mould, re-define, re-birth, redemption! Isn’t that fashion? Well, that’s Rachat (“rasha”), in a nutshell! Rachat, attempts to bring together handloom, organic, interestingly textured fabric

  • First Edit, their design are characterized by the fusing of fantasy with a utilitarian streak in modern silhouettes

  • The designer sister duo hailing from Jaipur, Shubha & Siddhi are passionate about designing. Their designs are a galore of rich cultural and traditional heritage of royal era of Rajasthan.

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