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It all started with a thought based on personal experience..

"Why should it be difficult to get your hands on a genuine quality good designer wear?"

Figuring out an answer to this question is what catapulted us into launching Ekatrra.

Ekatrra (Sanskrit) means “in one place”. The name says it all! We never set out to be just another online store selling the mundane but a quality conscious platform to bring designers from all parts of the country together for the style craved consumer. It is meant to be the ultimate virtual destination to get authentic designer products in best value for the spend where value is a combination of brand, style, quality, affordability and craftsmanship. We aim to offer unparalleled consumer experience while you take delight in finding best buys in designer luxury. This is what drives our decisions every day and this is who we are.

We continuously strive for excellence, sourcing key pieces and collections from the India’s most iconic and exciting designers. We have created a benchmark for exclusive designer clothing and offer you only the best. With our products, there's no unwanted surprises. At best, we hope to marvel you with amazement for the value for money, utmost quality and authenticity of the designer labels.

"WE ARE DIFFERENT: We have set out to make fashion democratic and affordable"

While browsing through our designers, you may be surprised at our selection of many unconventional labels. Being true to our purpose, we have an affinity to discover the hidden talents that are exceptional at what they do and are deserving to being featured amongst the best. We are proud to say that often we are the first to put faith in the young talent and are dedicated to the development of new brands. We have set out to build a fair community by recognizing the talented designers amongst us for the fashionistas in us.

Most designers associated with us are running successful independent labels, some are following their passion for designing after giving up lucrative careers and many are very well distributed amongst various concept stores across India and abroad. Each one of them have carved a niche for themselves which we wish to extend to you.

We present you these designers and their stories with a hope that you like them as much as we do in the way they interpret designs and trends. Our love for design not only makes us pick and select the best of the products but also to bring out tales of what went behind the collections. Almost every product is made with passion, purpose and in selected numbers only.


  • We make designers approachable and give our customers a chance to interact with the them through "Ask our Designer section"

  • We accept customization needs whenever possible

  • We offer Reward points for your trust and loyalty towards us.

  • We offer customer Friendly services

  • With our 'Seal of Authenticity' be assured that each product comes straight from the designers, just for you.

  • Our gift voucher is the perfect designer gifting option for your special ones.

  • We offer styling assistance.

  • We strive for a happy customer. Everything we do, everything we wish to do is for a lovely smile on your face at the end of it all!


At the heart of our endeavor is the appetite to preserve the textile and embroidery crafts that are rooted very deep in our culture and to sustain a breed of artisans who are skilled with generations of such perfected crafts. We wish to promote not only the designers but also to support the talented masters that make all the creations come to life by lending their dedicated intricate skills. We encourage every purchase you make with us for YOUR PURCHASE HAS POWER to help us support this cause.


Our philosophy is simple: If you are genuine, the trust fosters a relationship that lasts a lifetime.

We are guided by this thought process for everything we do and everything we wish to achieve. In the long run, we hope to would have created a circle of sustainability where with wider reach and interactions between the consumers, designers and the craftsmen, we become the platform fostering that trust to sustain a cycle of demand and supply and getting each member to return to avail the best.

We are also committed to environmental sustainability which is reflected in why we choose 'made to order' feature. This helps us to reduce wastage and resources consumption. As dainty as it may be, every effort counts in reducing our carbon footprint. You may support us in this endeavor by opting to wait for the time it takes to get the garment handmade especially for you.



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